eeep. Forgot I’d signed up to go to dev8d.

Looks like it might be fun though – I’ve signed up for a beginners’ Arduino workshop and a Clojure coding dojo. Might drop in on the Rails and Python stuff too, as people keep trying to convince me Perl is going the way of Linear A. I’ve been playing with Rakefiles and work is a lot more organised as a consequence, so Ruby’s in my good books at the moment. Still, Moose, Catalyst and co. seem to have grabbed most of Ruby and Python’s good ideas for Perl5. Plus, I’m going to have to learn Perl6 for the same reason that I own The Second Coming and Chinese Democracy. Not sure I can justify spending the time on another Perl-ish language.

None of this is very relevant to work though – I’ve signed up to the linked data workshop on the first day, so hopefully I’ll come back all inspired about building an ontology for our lab data and getting our data online with some shiny REST API to get binding sites and histone mods in given genome regions and so on. Or at least finding a student to do it…


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