IoP Collaboration graph with R igraph

My boss asked me to make a nice slide for a presentation showing the collaborations between researchers at our institute. I have a mountain of other work to do, so in the name of procrastination I spent the afternoon playing with the igraph R library:

click for big image


5 responses to “IoP Collaboration graph with R igraph

  1. Hi!

    Trying to learn how to use the igraph package in R I came across your beautiful graph. Great, inspiring work!

    I tried to do something similar, but sofar I haven’t succeeded. Could you give me hint about the source code of this graph?

    All the best,


  2. Hey Christian – probably a bit late now, but I’ve added a link to the code.

  3. This is great! Any chance you can let me know the structure of your two data sources. I’m attempting to replicate from a single .csv file. Running into issues when I try to color by data levels.

  4. Yep. The original .xls file is at

    If you have ruby, rubygems, rake and the Perl module Spreadsheet::ParseExcel installed you can just grab the Rakefile from and run ‘rake’. It’ll download all necessary scripts and datafiles, convert xls to csv and run the script to generate the plot for you. I just tried it on RHEL6 and it works for me. I had to make a quick change to the code to get it working with a recent version of igraph but I’ve pushed the change to github.

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