ebi tools

Improvements to framework. Better input validation etc.

advanced results analysis and rendering.

data model shared by all analysis tools within a category

standard web interface http://www.ebi.ac.uk/Tools/category/tool
similarly SOAP API: Tools/services/soap/tool?wsdl
REST API: Tools/services/rest/tool

Soap WS GetParameters(), GetParameterDetails()
REST WS GET /parameters
GET /parameterdetails/param

SOAP: Run(input) returns job id
GetStatus(jobid) returns RUNNING, FINISHED…
POST /run
GET /status/jobid

Retrieving results:
GetResult(jobid, type)
view of result is base64 encoded
GET /resulttypes/jobid
GET /result/jobid/type
get result back with appropriate MIME type

Tools are categorised and subcategorised. Also have context, eg proteins, nucleotide and even more specific.

still in beta.

Can get the results as XML (with common data model across tool category so eg. all sequence search XML can be parsed the same)


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